Hello and welcome to the podcast!  My name is Robert Curet and just like so many of the creative people I’ve met over the years, I am curious about how other people like me do the work they do. What are their techniques? What are their thought processes? How did they get to where they are now in their careers?

I had been listening to podcasts for years.  Many shows are entertaining, many are educational.

I asked myself “When am I going to hear a podcast that asks creative professionals the kinds of questions I want answered?”

… so several months of research and work later  BANG!  the Art Pro Go Show is born.

Whenever I encounter creative work that I find interesting, I make it my business to seek out the person who made it and arrange a conversation. SKYPE makes it easy to contact people all over the world… software makes it easy to record and publish.

I’ve been really enjoying meeting the people I interview. I hope you enjoy listening.