APGS-007 Mathijs Van Oosterhoudt on Camera Building

APGS_007 Mathijs Van Oosterhoudt talks about Camera Building from Scratch

Episode 7

  • Focal Camera Website
  • Caffenol film developing recipes

APGS_006 Conceptual Design in Cinema with TyRuben Ellingson

APGS_006 TyRuben Ellingson Interview, Conceptual Designer for Cinema

Episode 6

APGS 005 Illustration Renaissance Man Kyle T. Webster

A conversation with Illustration Renaissance Man Kyle T. Webster

Episode 5 300 dpi

APGS 004 Forensic Art with Detective Sargent Sarah Krebs

A conversation with Forensic Artist Detective Sargent Sarah Krebs

Episode FOUR

APGS_003 Children’s Book Illustration with Will Terry

A conversation with Children’s Book Illustrator Will Terry

Episode Three

APGS 002 Marketing Your Art with Catherine Orer

A conversation with Art marketing expert Catherine Orer

Episode Two

The12 Million Stuffed Shark:The Curious Economics

of Contemporary Art (please use our AMAZON link)

APGS 001. An interview with science cartoonist Maki Naro

A conversation with Science Cartoonist Maki Naro

Episode One

APGS 000 – The Introduction

Welcome to the show!

Episode zero

In this episode I lay the groundwork for whats to come in future podcasts.

Why a Podcast?


I’ve spent a career as a working artist.  I know that once most of my brain is engaged in my current project the rest of my brain needs to be entertained!

Music is good for a while, playing a movie in the background works sometimes but the visuals are distracting . Podcasts are perfect audio, people telling stories, people teaching skills. Very satisfying.

Over time I came to realize that while there are many podcasts out there – none were talking to or about the people I was interested in consistently. Hmmmm.

Flash forward several months and my podcast “The Art Pro Go Show ” is born! I hope everyone reading this enjoys listening to these conversations as much as I enjoyed speaking to all the guests.